The McSAFER project is dedicated to sharing its publications, media and results. This page contains information on publications related to the McSAFER project. Additionally, we will publish a regular newsletter to keep you up to date with the progress of the project.


All publications related to the McSAFER project can be found in the McSAFER community in the ZENODO repository.

  • Sanchez-Espinoza, V.H.; Gabriel, S.; Suikkanen, H.; Telkkä, J.; Valtavirta, V.; Bencik, M.; Kliem, S.; Queral, C.; Farda, A.; Abéguilé, F.; Smith, P.; Uffelen, P.V.; Ammirabile, L.; Seidl, M.; Schneidesch, C.; Grishchenko, D.; Lestani, H. The H2020 McSAFER Project: Main Goals, Technical Work Program, and Status. Energies 202114, 6348.
  • Sanchez-Espinoza, Victor Hugo, Suikkanen, Heikki, Valtavirta, Ville, Bencik, Marek, & Queral, Cesar. (2022, February 2). H2020 McSAFER: High-Performance Advanced Methods and Experimental Investigations for the Safety Evaluation of Generic Small Modular Reactors.
  • Sanchez-Torrijos, Jorge, Queral, Cesar, & Magan, Javier. (2021, October 22). Analysis of Boron Dilution sequence in a NuScale Power Module using TRACE. 46th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE), Granada,Spain.
  • Sanchez-Torrijos, Jorge, & Queral, Cesar. (2021, September 29). Boron dilution sequence analysis in NuScale SMR usingTRACE. European Nuclear Young Generation Forum (ENYGF’21), Tarragona, Spain.



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